Crysis 3: Hunter Edition Origin 1.4.0 +12 Fixed Trainer [LinGon]

Here’s a fixed +12 trainer that can be used with the sci-fi FPS video game Crysis 3: Hunter Edition to unlock many interesting cheat codes, like: unlimited health, super duper health, unlimited energy, unlimited ammo, super reach, super punch, set more nano points, super speed, super jump, slowmotion, invisibility, teleportation.

Note: This trainer has been made for the Origin 1.4.0 version of the game Crysis 3: Hunter Edition.
Home – Activate Trainer
F1 – Super Health
F2 – Infinite Energy
F3 – Infinite Ammo
F4 – Set Nano Points
F5 – Super Speed
F6 – Super Jump On
F7 – Super Jump Off
F8 – Super Stealth
F9 – Bullet Time
F10 – Super Duper Health
Page Up – Super Reach
Page Down – Super Punch
8 – Store Location
9 – Teleport
0 – Undo Teleportation

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