Payday 2 Beta Steam Update 4 +9 Trainer [LinGon]

LinGon finally managed to create a proper trainer for the Beta release of the first person shooter game Payday 2. Everything should work fine now, and here are all the cheats that you can use: super protection, infinite ammo, super fast, super drill, unlocker, super speed, super jump, store location, teleport, undo teleportation.
Make sure to read the accompanied text info for how to use it. Use it in a good way. Don’t cheat online, so keep it fair and keep the cheating fun in singleplayer mode (offline) only. Full game release trainer will have additional options added into it.

Note: This cheat tool is for the Beta Steam Update 4 release of the game Payday 2.

Trainer Options
Home ~ Enable Codes
F1 ~ Super Protection
F2 ~ Infinite Ammo
F3 ~ Super Fast
F4 ~ Super Drill
F5 ~ Unlocker
F6 ~ Super Speed
F7 ~ Super Jump
Number 8 ~ Store Location
Number 9 ~ Teleport
Number 0 ~ Undo Teleportation
Additional Info:
F1 – This will keep you alive and well.
F2 – Gives you an infinite amount of ammo to use. Enable this just before selecting to load a quest, at the Heist Mission Menu for it to work properly in game.
F3 – You act very fast in needed situations.
F4 – Drilling has never been easier.
F5 – Before you use this, make a backup copy of your save game file. Next, you need to have at least 1 added point for each skill level name, meaning 4 points at least in the skill tree menu, and at least be at level 1 before you use it. If you feel that’s where you are at, then go ahead at your own risk and push this key at the Main Menu. Next, enter the Skill Upgrade Menu! If everything goes well you should have unlocked everything in there. Also go to the inventory and things should have become unlocked as well.
F6 – Lets you run/sprint faster.
F7 – Lets you jump much higher than anyone else.


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